1. Overview

CHESTER is a versatile NB-IoT gateway for the Internet of Things. The NB-IoT technology (also referred as LTE Cat NB1) evolves as part of the 5G specifications. Optionally, the device can be equipped with the LoRaWAN connectivity (e.g. for local dense installations).


NB-IoT and LoRaWAN fall in the category of LPWAN technologies (Low Power Wide Area Network). These networks offer long communication distance, low data bandwidth, and low integration cost in the devices.

CHESTER mainboard

The gateway is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to its advanced weatherproof enclosure (IP67 rating). All the integrated components operate in a wide temperature range. The device can be used in harsh environmental conditions.

CHESTER is powered from a high-capacity Lithium battery. The advanced low-power optimization techniques enable the battery lifespan in the field of up to 5 years. The battery state (remaining capacity) is accurately reported via the network. Optionally, it can be powered from the external DC power supply (up to 28 V).

The device features Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity for communication with the mobile app (both iOS and Android is supported). The communication uses an open AT command interface. It is also possible to upgrade the device firmware from the mobile app.

Optionally, the sensor can carry on-board satellite positioning module. Also, it is extensible with various communication interfaces - e.g. RS-485 and 1-Wire bus, simple analog sensors, pulse counters, etc.

CHESTER can be mounted to an object using screws or fastened to a pole using a cable tie. The product can be customized to customer’s needs including logo UV-printing. It comes in two basic color variants - white (default option) and choral gray.

1.1. Applications

  • Industry 4.0:

    • Telemetry from Modbus sensors

    • Predictive maintenance

    • Palette weight monitoring

  • Agriculture:

    • Soil moisture control

    • Rainfall measurement

    • Ammonia sensing in live stocks

  • Smart city:

    • Air quality monitoring

    • Heat pipe auditing

    • Water quality management

  • Utility and smart metering:

    • Gas meter

    • Electricity meter

    • Water meter

1.2. Basic Features

  • Operating temperature range: -40 °C to +85 °C

  • Dimensions: 130(l) x 175(w) x 45(h) mm

  • Weatherproof IP67 enclosure

  • Lithium primary cell battery (LiSoCl2, 3.6 V)

  • Battery fuel gauge for the capacity estimation

  • Bluetooth Low Energy communication

  • 16 block terminals for the expansion modules

  • 3-axis MEMS accelerometer

  • Integrated cryptochip

  • Single red LED for status indication

1.3. Optional Features

  • NB-IoT connectivity:

    • NB-IoT modem

    • Antenna connected via u.FL connector

    • Onboard SIM chip or micro-SIM holder

  • LoRaWAN connectivity:

    • LoRaWAN modem

    • Antenna connected via u.FL connector

  • GNSS module (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou)

  • Onboard temperature/humidity sensor

  • Expansion modules:

    • CHESTER-X0A: I2C interface

    • CHESTER-X0B: Ultrasonic sensor interface

    • CHESTER-X0C: 4x analog/digital input interface

    • CHESTER-X1: 1-Wire interface

    • CHESTER-X2A: UART interface

    • CHESTER-X2B: RS-485 interface

    • CHESTER-X3: Pt1000 interface

    • CHESTER-X4: DC/DC power supply, current loop input, 1-Wire interface

    • CHESTER-X5: External analog input


It is possible to install up to two expansion modules per gateway. Not all the combinations are possible and/or make sense.